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August 1st, 2021   |   10:09 AM MST
What is a CNA?
In this 5 ½ minute video Vicky Castillo MSN, RN FACETS Healthcare Training answers questions about CNAs she's frequently asked.

Such as: What is a CNA? What do CNAs do? Where do CNAs work? And how much do CNAs get paid?
May 22nd, 2021   |   3:04 PM MST
The Nurse Aide Theory Certification Exam
Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, and CNA content expert discusses what to expect when taking the nurse aide theory certification exam.
May 8th, 2021   |   1:11 PM MST
What to Expect When Taking the Nurse Aide Skills Certification Exam
Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, and CNA content expert discusses what to expect when taking the nurse aide skills certification exam.
May 1st, 2021   |   6:15 PM MST
How to Pass the Nurse Aide Certification Exam the First Time!
Get three must know tips from Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, a CNA content expert on how to nail the exam the first time.
August 20th, 2020   |   1:03 PM MST
Texas is Changing Test Vendors (Pearson Vue to Prometric)
Effective September 1, 2020 Pearson Vue will no longer test nurse aide candidates. The new nurse aide test vendor will be Prometric.

Check for updates.

FACETS Healthcare Training will transition to Prometric nurse aide training materials on September 1, 2020, however the skills videos for Prometric will be available approximately the third week in September 2020.

Please contact us for questions.
May 11th, 2020   |   6:40 PM MST
Lesson Plans
FACETS Healthcare Training is proud to announce the release of eleven Lesson Plans with videos and other interactive content, including corresponding quizzes.

Every couple of weeks we will release additional lesson plans on various nursing assistant subject areas along with corresponding quizzes.

Lesson Plans are included with any video subscription! Check them out on your dashboard now.
April 25th, 2020   |   10:00 AM MST
Vicky Hosts Adaptive Equipment Corner

Watch Vicky Castillo MSNed, RN, CNE, in a discussion about the following topics with Christina and Cindy from Adaptive Equipment Corner:

  • Who is Adaptive Equipment Corner?
  • Product overview
  • Recommended use of content
  • New content under development

April 18th, 2020   |   10:00 AM MST
Webinar: "How to Use FACETS CNA Test Prep in Your Curriculum"

Watch Vicky Castillo MSNed, RN, CNE as she discusses the following topics:

  • Full FACETS platform demonstration
  • Discuss teaching skills consistency
  • Describe use of the Theory, Math, & Skills test banks
  • Prepare students for the certification test
  • Verify student usage of the resources

April 14th, 2020   |   11:00 AM MST
Webinar with Rich Hernandez from BrightRoute Healthcare Staffing

Watch as Vicky Castillo RN, MSNed, CNE and Rich Hernandez, Owner / Operator of BrightRoute Healthcare Staffing discuss the following topics:

  • Information about BrightRoute
  • CNA opportunities: contract, travel, permanent placement
  • Pay packages: direct placement | travel packages: hourly rates, tax free stipend, bonuses
  • Requirements: what's needed to get started
  • Next steps
Check out BrightRoute Staffing by clicking here, or schedule a 15 minute meeting with Rich by clicking here.

April 4th, 2020   |   11:00 AM MST
Webinar: "CNA Online Training - Opportunities and Obstacles"

Watch Vicky Castillo RN, MSNed, CNE discuss online resources and topics including:

  • Online Teaching – synchronous vs. asynchronous
  • Technology requirements
  • Online learners
  • Instructor from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side”
  • School policy changes from ground to online
  • Management of online lab and clinicals

March 27th, 2020   |   4:32 PM MST
Wheelchairs - Which, How, and Who
March 21st, 2020   |   11:00 AM MST
COVID-19 Webinar #2

Watch as Vicky Castillo MSN, RN and Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C continue their conversation on:

  • Updates on COVID-19 pandemic
  • Changes to CNA policies regarding clinical rotations
  • Impact of cancelled clinicals for front-line healthcare workers
  • Advocating for policy change

March 14th, 2020   |   11:00 AM MST
COVID-19 Webinar

Watch as Vicky Castillo MSN, RN and Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C discuss the following issues surrounding CNA Schools during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Virus update
  • Clinical site cancellations
  • Clinical alternatives
  • Proper protection techniques
  • Reassurance during this pandemic for healthcare workers and school owners