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Nurse Aide Test Prep

June 2023

Celebrating an Anniversary

Could it really be 5 years? Yes, it has and it's gone by in a blink of an eye. Little did we know the heavy lift it would take to create a product that didn't exist. There was no template or consultants or experts to draw upon to help create a national and state-specific nurse aide test prep. We were in uncharted territory, there were many questions, and few answers. Would the nurse aide community find the resources valuable? Would they believe it could benefit the schools, teachers, and students? Would someone really pay for the content? Could it be profitable?
Despite our humble beginnings and much uncertainty, we persevered, cautiously confident the need did exist for a credible, reliable, and accurate nurse aide test prep.
We've grown over the years while navigating tough business cycles like any other business. But we marched ahead! So what's the secret to our staying power, to our continued growth? Well, there's not one single factor to point at, but rather a multitude - an entire package! It's our continued passion to deliver innovative content, It's our exceptional customer service - yes, you really can speak to a live person. It's listening to the needs of our customers and executing their requests quickly (a rare quality). It's in building strategic relationships with organizations that share our mission. But of all these factors, two are at the top...keeping the services affordable and a team with unwavering dedication and a commitment to the nursing assistant training community!
We are beyond grateful for your continued support!
The FACETS Healthcare Training Team:
Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE, CEO/Founder
Eric Barber, IT Director/ Co-founder
Swayze Bauer, Director of Operations
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We heard and delivered! 


As a tribute to our 5-year anniversary, this issue features the many products developed from your requests, making us a Learning Management System designed specifically to meet the unique needs of nursing assistant training programs.

An Improved Home Page!


It's now easier to explore our content for both teachers and students. Details here.

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Plans and Pricing


Our new home page now provides more information about plans, pricing, a self-generating quote system, and the ability to sign up for a free trial.

A Premier Video Library


Our premier skill video library is highly regarded for its state-specific and national content that aligns with test vendors Credentia, Prometric, and Headmaster (Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin).  But what truly sets our videos apart from any other nursing assistant skill videos is our other added features such as:
  • listed supplies for each skill
  • notes, hints, tripping points
  • steps from the candidate handbook
  • a quiz after each video to promote understanding of the skill  

Now you can upload your own videos too! An awesome feature!

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Instructor Management


Instructors are able to self-generate student access codes, create cohorts, upload custom documents, message (student to student,  student to instructor, and instructor to student[s]), and add additional instructor users. All these self-management tools are at your fingertips! 

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Restorative Nurse Aide Course


Are you interested in offering the restorative nurse aide course at your school? Watch a tutorial video and download course information handouts here.


Learn more about our course development partners, Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner here.

Restorative Nurse Aide (2)

National Association of Healthcare Assistants


CNA Fest 2023


Are you looking for ways to appreciate and recognize CNAs? If so, it's time to sign them up for the only CNA conference in the entire United States! Sponsorships are also welcome.


CNA Fest is a place where CNAs can grow both personally and professionally, make new friends, and recharge their shared passion for caring. 


Register your CNAs now, spaces still available. They can enjoy two full days of camaraderie, education, recognition, joy, and respite! CNA Fest details:

  1. When/where: July 26 & 27, 2023, at the Vines Center in Little Rock, AR
  2. Registration Cost: $550 for members and $650 for non-members, covers everything except travel. This means it covers hotel, food, and even transportation to and from the Little Rock airport!
  3. It's going to be lit!! Yes, we mean "lit" in the sense that it will be cool, hip, and fun. Red carpet events, inspirational speakers, and a revival-like atmosphere where CNAs are appreciated and supported for their heroic hard work on the front lines of a devastating pandemic.
  4. CNAs will bring back new knowledge, enhanced skills, and creative solutions that will help improve care and benefit the whole team.

More information and registration here.

Please contact Lisa Houck to register your groups today: lhouck@nahcacna.org



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