January 2023 Newsletter

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January 2023

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2023, A New Year with New Possibilities


Happy New Year! A new year is one of those recurring events that offers us an opportunity to look at the previous year and make improvements for the upcoming one. It's a chance at a fresh start that can both motivate and invigorate! With this feeling of a fresh start, we're excited to share our 2023 plans:

  • Add 10 more Lesson Plans for a total of 40
  • Add another Comprehensive Final Exam with 75 multiple-choice questions
  • Launch the Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) Course
  • Offer nurse aide CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
  • Launch additional Headmaster States: Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Oregon
  • Build more partnerships and collaborations with entities that share our mission 

Adding More Headmaster States


We align with Headmaster (D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP) in six states, recently adding Minnesota and Michigan to our list of state-specific nurse aide content. Also in the works is Massachusetts, scheduled to go live in just a few weeks, so stay tuned! 

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NEVADA Now With Credentia


Effective January 1, 2023, Credentia is now Nevada's official nurse aide test vendor. Our content aligns with Credentia in Nevada, please contact us for access to Credentia resources. Check the Credentia website for more information here.


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Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) Update

In collaboration with Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner, we are well on our way to developing the Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) course, with an anticipated launch end of February 2023. 


Schools may add the RNA course to their list of course offerings. Upon completion of the hybrid course, a CNA will receive a verification of course completion. Obtaining an RNA designation expands employment opportunities in skilled nursing facilities' therapy departments, outpatient rehabilitation centers, or other rehabilitation areas. Unlike CNAs, states do not regulate the training and employment of the RNA role. 


Stay tuned for more information.


Learn more about Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner here.

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Payment Plans Now Available


We now offer monthly or quarterly payment plans for our administrator account subscriptions. So for just $35 per month for our basic school subscription or $75 per month for our upgraded school subscription, you'll have access to all the superior resources you've been wanting but didn't think you could afford. Contact us to set up your account today!  


By the way, here's a recap of our school subscriptions and student access for pricing and timeframes. 

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New Feature Coming Soon

Track Attendance

Per popular request, we will release a student attendance tracking feature within the next few months. Tracking student attendance is mandatory for nurse aide training programs, and we are here to facilitate this compliance requirement. The feature will be available to schools using our Curriculum Integration Plus (CI+) subscription. Stay tuned for updates.


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