March 2022

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New Features

🎉Announcing Curriculum Integration Plus (CI+) 🎉


FACETS Healthcare Training is proud to present our new Curriculum Integration Plus (CI+) platform upgrade! Check it out ⬇️



Place your students into cohorts and manage them as a group!

  • Separate your students by cohort.
  • Create assignments and choose from hundreds of FACETS Healthcare Training modules, or even your own custom quizzes and documents!
  • See your students' grades and track their progress and time as they move through assignments.

Watch the "Add a Cohort" help video

Watch the "Cohort Grades" help video

Watch the "Cohort Settings" help video


Create assignments

Want to create a curriculum for your students?

Now you can! Choose an open date, close date, modules (even your own custom quizzes and documents), and students.

  • Choose how many attempts your students have for quizzes.
  • Assign study tools and case studies with or without answers.
  • See assignment progress, extend the due date, or add a module.

Watch the "Create an Assignment" help video

Watch the "Student Assignment View" help video


Message your students 💬

Built-in messages feature for contacting students and cohorts

Send a message to any of your students or an entire cohort. 

  • Optional email notification when a new message arrives.
  • Alert your students of changes to homework or make other announcements.
  • Optional student-to-student messaging allows students in a cohort to contact each other.

Watch the "Administrator Messages" help video

Watch the "Student Messages" help video


Begone access codes!

Our new "⚡️quick add" feature means you never have to deal with access codes again (unless you want, it's still an option).

  • Press the "⚡️quick add" button
  • Choose the length of time your students require access for (3, 6, or 12 months)
  • Have your students scan the QR code to register directly into FACETS Healthcare Training under your administrator account.
  • (P.S. "⚡️quick add" is also available on the "Cohorts" page and will register students directly into a cohort!)

Watch the "Add Students to a Cohort" help video

Watch the "Add Students" help video


Custom quizzes

Create and assign custom quizzes to your students

  • Three question types: multiple-choice, select all that apply and fill in the blank.
  • Assign custom quizzes to students in a cohort.

Watch the "Quiz Editor" help video


Custom documents

Assign your own documents to your students

Do you have custom homework assignments or a syllabus you would like to distribute through FACETS Healthcare Training? Clear for takeoff! ✈️

  • Upload any custom document.
  • Assign the custom document to your students in a cohort.

Watch the "Custom Documents" help video


Super admin 🦸🏽‍♀️

Manage administrators/instructors (and get a great discount)

Become a super administrator and add individual administrator/instructor accounts underneath your own. Each administrator/instructor account is valid for one year and represents incredible savings for programs with multiple instructors or campuses.

  • Create and invite your instructors at all your campuses.
  • Each administrator account receives all CI+ benefits.
  • Change the administrator's name, email address, password, and even log in to their account to see progress.

Watch the "Purchase Administrators" help video

Watch the "Invite an Administrator" help video

Watch the "Manage Administrator" help video


All these features, one low price 

Less than the cost of one student access code per month!


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