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Restorative Nurse Aide 

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March 2024

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Restorative Nurse Aide Hybrid Course


Elevate the scope of care Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide with our comprehensive Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) hybrid course. This cutting-edge hybrid course provides CNAs with the opportunity to expand their expertise across all practice areas, prepare for roles in therapy departments, and earn 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Completion of the course promotes higher standards of patient care through ongoing learning and professional development.

  • Part 1 includes 15 self-paced lesson plans, with an estimated completion time of approximately 30 hours, covering essential knowledge and skills.

  • Part 2 involves a skills check-off of ten critical skills by therapy personnel.

Upon successful completion, participants not only earn the esteemed RNA designation but also receive 15 CEUs, supporting their professional development and adherence to continuing education requirements. This course is a strategic investment in your staff's growth and your organization's commitment to excellence in care.


Watch a tutorial video and download course information handouts here. 

RNA Pricing (2)
Individual RNA Pricing

Individual Purchasing Options

  • Self-study ($175): Manage your learning and arrange your own skills check-off.
  • Assisted Self-study ($320): Opt for self-study with FACETS Healthcare Training scheduling the skills check-off.

Download Course Handouts

Meet the Restorative Nurse Aide Course Creators

RNA Creators

FACETS Healthcare Training has partnered with Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner to create the RNA course. 


Learn more about Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner here.

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