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April 2024


OBRA- Detach It From Nurse Aide Training

A New Era!

How many times have you heard the comments, "We need more CNAs! This assignment is too much! We don't get paid enough!" These grievances are indeed valid! However, have you considered how to improve CNA working conditions beyond simply complaining about them?


Across the USA many are actively working behind the scenes to improve CNA working conditions. A significant but overlooked cause of the CNA shortage is the restrictive and outdated training and certification regulations set by OBRA. Without reforming this federal law, the shortage will continue! Addressing only the symptoms of difficult working conditions and low pay without tackling the core issues of training and certification is like trying to steady a table with only two legs - it simply cannot stand!


Here are two ways you can support our efforts to detach OBRA from nurse aide education:


1. Sign and Share Our Petition: "Join the Movement" on change.org

2. Join our first of many webinars hosted by Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 1 PM PDT / 2 PM MDT / 3 PM CDT / 4 PM EDT - register here.

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Restorative Nurse Aide Hybrid Course

Earn 15 CEUs with our dynamic restorative nurse aide hybrid course! Ideal for both individual CNAs looking to enhance their skill set and organizations looking to provide continuing education. Don't think you can afford it? Consider asking your employer to pay for the course or reimburse you for it upon completion, as it could count towards your continuing education requirement. Start today!  We accept payment plans! Learn more here or watch a tutorial video here.


Learn more about our course development partners, Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner here.

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Georgia Nurse Aide Students

Are you a Georgia nurse aide student gearing up to take your certification exam? If so, you now have TWO options for the skills test:


Option 1: You can take it with Credentia (along with the written exam).


Option 2: You can take the skills exam through the CNA Virtual Skills Evaluation platform, a new initiative in collaboration with the University of Georgia. Note: Currently, only the skills portion is available. For more details email  cnatesting@uga.edu  


Share this information with your nurse aide school or instructor!


California CNAs


Certified Nurse Assistant Program

The California Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNAP) is focused on increasing the CNA workforce in California and supports both employers and career seekers, fostering a sustainable employee pipeline, and enhancing CNA retention.


Get hired as a CNA! Upload your current resume now to gain access to CNA career path opportunities, make direct connections with long-term care providers, and view job openings in skilled nursing facilities across California. Pre or post-certification, upload your resume today here.


Benefits of Becoming A CNA: 

  • Fulfilling Work: Provide compassionate care to residents and make a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • Job Security: High demand and stable employment.
  • Career Advancement: Unlock pathways for professional growth and specialized training.

Questions? Email Megan at mneel@cahf.org or visit yourcnastory.org 

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National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA)

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