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April 2024




Transcendence: it's about breaking through the ordinary, about projects that start with a vision and grow into something unexpectedly grand. This journey of exceeding expectations mirrors the evolution of our newsletter, which has grown beyond its initial purpose.


Initially, our newsletters focused on sharing our offerings, sprinkled with a few national updates about nurse assistant training. Now, our newsletters are on a transformative path! We've been inspired to redefine our mission by recognizing the fragmented landscape of nurse assistant training resources and the lack of a centralized hub for educators. Consequently, we are broadening the scope of our newsletters to cover national developments in the nurse assistant education space. While updates about FACETS Healthcare Training will still be shared, our ambition is wider, aiming to be a trusted source and the premier platform for national news and developments in nurse assistant training.


With this expanded perspective, we are thrilled to announce plans to launch a much-needed and long-overdue national association for nurse assistant education in 2024. This association will aim to unite, celebrate, and elevate this specialized field, while also formally recognizing the critical role of nurse assistant educators as a nursing specialty. Further embracing our national focus, we are organizing the first national conference for nurse assistant education in 2025. Stay tuned for more details about the association and the national conference.


This transformation marks our rise from a singular focus to becoming the leading national voice in nurse assistant education. We are not merely expanding our reach; we are deepening our commitment to enriching the field and supporting its educators.


Join us on this exciting journey as we transcend together, shaping the future of nurse assistant education and all it encompasses!


Please share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!


Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE/CEO/Founder

FACETS Healthcare Training, LLC


OBRA-Emancipate Nurse Aide Training

A New Era!


Keeping in the spirit of a national focus on nurse assistant training, we are advancing our dialogue on legislative updates concerning OBRA. In our January and February 2024 newsletters, I highlighted the pressing necessity to separate nurse assistant training from OBRA's long-standing constraints. To clarify, our aim is NOT to abolish OBRA, which enshrines resident rights and provides safeguards to skilled nursing facilities. Instead, our objective is to liberate nurse assistant training from OBRA's outdated restrictions and modernize it - a necessary step in addressing the shortage of CNAs in the workforce!


It's commonly argued that the scarcity of CNAs stems from difficult working conditions and inadequate pay, and this is absolutely correct! Another less visible but equally significant factor is the restrictive and outdated nature of existing nurse assistant training regulations and certification processes imposed by OBRA. Without addressing these limitations, the persistent shortage of CNAs will continue. Tackling only working conditions and low wages, without confronting the foundational issues of training and certification is akin to trying to steady a table with only two legs—it simply cannot stand!


Join the change movement by signing our petition at change.org and joining our first of many webinars hosted by Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 1 PM PDT/2 PM MDT/3 PM CDT/4 PM EDT - register here.  


Please share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you.


Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE/CEO/Founder

FACETS Healthcare Training, LLC


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Health Science Resources

Are you a middle school or high school science teacher? Would you like to enhance your Health Science instruction or curriculum? Check out uBEATS, a FREE, E-Learning resource with over 90 e-modules in Genetics, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Public Health, Careers in Health Science, and Academic Success. Register for uBEATS here. We look forward to learning with you!


Questions? Email Deanna at deingram@unmc.edu


Georgia CNA Virtual Skills Evaluation

Streamlining the nurse assistant skills certification process
The CNA Virtual Skills Evaluation (CNA VSE) project is an initiative within the Institute for Disaster Management (IDM), developed to address the shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in the state of Georgia. The project grew out of IDM’s work on the CNA Career Pathway Initiative, where it was identified that the critical lack of CNAs in the state was due, in part, to barriers in the testing process. Through this project, IDM’s goal is to streamline the skills portion of the CNA testing process by utilizing a regulatory-compliant virtual evaluation platform. 
How does this innovative skills testing work? Answer: A Registered Nurse Evaluator observes the Candidate through Zoom using a camera instead of being present in the room during the evaluation. There will be a Proctor in the room with the Candidate; the Proctor assists with positioning the camera so the Evaluator can clearly see each task.
More information here or contact email cnatesting@uga.edu

California SNFs Build a CNA Workforce

Build and Develop your CNA Workforce with the California Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNAP)!
 All California skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are eligible to apply for financial awards!
We have multiple awards available for all California SNFs to support CNA training efforts:
  • Clinical Host Rotations
  • Earn & Learn
  • NATP Approval
  • 2nd DSD
  • CUSP CNA upskilling  

Apply here. Approximately 1.5 hours of invested time can potentially net you $24,000 or more! 


Questions? Email Megan at mneel@cahf.org or visit yourcnastory.org

California Nursing Assistant Educator's Conference

June 7 & 8, 2024

This event aims to bring California Nursing Assistant Educators together to discuss and learn about emerging trends, innovative ideas, and foster a community of support for the "forgotten" nursing assistant educator.


Join us on June 7 and 8, 2024 for an informative and immersive two-day conference to renew your spirit and learn from your colleagues and professionals who are involved in all aspects of Nursing Assistant Education. We look forward to seeing you! 10 CEH available.


Featured in the event's speaker roster is Vicky Castillo MSN, RN, CNE, founder and CEO of FACETS Healthcare Training. Additionally, you can meet Vicky personally at the exhibitor's booth.


Use discount code FACETS to receive $75 off an attendee online conference registration. Attendee information and registration here

Sponsorship opportunities, vendor registration, and information here


The Secret Cocktail Visits California

June 9-10, 2024

Do you enjoy teaching and have considered starting your own nurse aide training program? A great opportunity is coming to Los Angeles, California this June. Victoria Randle, the owner of The Secret Cocktail (a healthcare school consulting firm), is holding a two-day seminar June 9-10.  In this session, participants will complete the entire application process to submit to the California Department of Public Health to initiate their own nurse aide training program. Want to join? Learn more here.


National Association of Health Care Assistants

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Ahoy, CNA community! 🚢✨ Embark on an unforgettable voyage where relaxation meets adventure, and learning blends with fun! Join us from November 7-11 on the majestic cruise ship Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, casting off from Galveston, TX, for a spectacular journey to the vibrant shores of Cozumel, Mexico.


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Cruise registration, sponsorship, and details here or contact Lisa Houck, NAHCA Director of Business Development & Relations at lhouck@nahcacna.org

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