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Wanna be a Restorative Nurse Aide?

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RNA Live

In collaboration with Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner, the Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) hybrid course is now live! Here are some FAQ's about the RNA course:


Who should take the RNA course?

  • Any CNA who wants to train for a position in physical therapy, rehabilitation center, or restorative care provider. Or any CNA looking to enhance their skills - it's a great way to take your CNA training to the next level!

Do I need to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to take the RNA course?

  • Yes, CNA is a prerequisite or a CNA within the past three years.

Does a state or federal agency regulate the training of RNA?

  • No. Unlike CNAs, states do not regulate the training and employment of the RNA role. Please check your state to confirm.

How is the course structured?

  • The CNA must complete the course through a training provider, like a CNA school, skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center, or another provider.
  • Complete Part 1: consisting of 15 lesson plans, which are self-paced and should take approximately 30 hours.
  • Complete Part 2: A therapy personnel checks off a student on ten skills.
  • Upon completion of parts 1 & 2, the CNA receives an "evidence of course completion" document and may then use the RNA designation.

How do I get started taking the course?

  • Contact a provider in your area, like a CNA school, skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center, etc., to see if they can offer the course to you.
  • Watch the informational video "How to complete the Restorative Nurse Aide Course" and download a Course Outline handout here.
  • The training provider contacts us to set up an account.

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