Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA)

Hybrid Course

Advance your career or enrich your program with our Restorative Nurse Aide (RNA) course, tailored for CNAs aiming to specialize in rehabilitation care. This course offers a pathway to advanced roles in healthcare settings such as skilled nursing facilities and inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation centers.

For CNAs: Elevate your skillset and career prospects with the RNA designation, a mark of your dedication to professional growth in nursing care.

For Educators: Enhance your curriculum by offering the RNA course, providing a valuable opportunity for nurse aides to advance their careers.

Upon completion, participants receive 15 hours of CEUs and verification of completion, symbolizing their enhanced expertise.

Course Options:

  • Self-study ($175): Manage your learning and arrange your own skills check-off.
  • Assisted Self-study ($320): Opt for self-study with FACETS Healthcare Training scheduling the skills check-off.
  • Organization Sponsored: Access the course via an educational institution or employer, with variable costs.
  • Educators: note that after the self-paced course, a licensed therapist must conduct the skills verification.

Elevate your or your students' career trajectories with our RNA course, a stepping stone to specialized nursing roles.